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Value Engineering What is value engineering and is it worth it?

Value Engineering is the process of reducing costs in a development. This process is achieved by assessing materials, processes and or products and offering alternatives. The outcome should result in savings to the client / end user without compromising the intent of the design. The key is savings without quality compromise and it is eminently achievable in the complex development business. An example of this technique is post-tensioned concrete systems versus traditional concrete systems.

Using post tensioning in a design offers the following advantages: -

  • reduced thickness of concrete slabs;
  • reduced quantity of beams required;
  • reduces quantity of reinforcement required;
  • reduces column and foundation sizes;
  • controlled cracking;
  • provides flexibility in planning and design; and
  • accelerates the programme.

There are many other areas where good savings without compromise can be achieved. All it takes is experience, a trained eye and an impartial view.

Is it worth it?

The process is worth it. We were involved with a project in Brookvale, NSW, Australia. Grout injected piles were the engineering substructure solution proposed. We looked at high level footings as an alternative and presented a saving to the developer of approximately $200,000.

Should you have a construction project that requires an impartial view, please call Trinity Madison on 02 9697 0544 or for an assessment.