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Avoiding Common Pitfalls

Experience can be described as knowledge of a particular activity gained through tried and tested practices. This learning gives the user a certain expertise to foresee potential pitfalls, improve processes and implement tested strategies to avoid costly mistakes.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a crystal ball every time you tried doing something related to building / construction?

Some of the common pitfalls in construction generally are: -

  • over projected time;
  • lack of finance;
  • site limitations;
  • legal requirements; and
  • alternative accommodation.

The key to achieving a practical building solution with reduced mistakes is at the planning stage. Understanding and developing a brief assists greatly with producing the correct end result. With the correct target it is easier to plan a desirable outcome.

The process of planning through due diligence can be extremely beneficial to the end user. We were commissioned to present an impartial report on a project in Maroubra, NSW, Australia. The documentation prepared for tender was ‘loose’. With our due diligence process a saving to the developer of approximately $50,000 was achieved.

Should you have a construction project that requires an impartial view, please call Trinity Madison on 02 9697 0544 or for an assessment.