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Bathroom Renovations

Updating or renovating a bathroom in a house / unit can add significantly to the capital growth of your investment. What you don’t want to do, however, is overcapitalise. This will depend on the amount you spend on your renovation, whether people can ‘see’ the money you’ve spent and the area you live in. Go to open houses in your area before embarking on a renovation to get a feel for what the local area is doing.

Once you start, the things to consider when updating a bathroom are: -

  1. Function – bathrooms are secondary spaces in living environments. People don’t tend to linger; it has a purpose, and once fulfilled, people leave. The function of the space should be practical. Baths tend to be non functional for older families, whereas they are vital for young children;
  2. Facilities – today’s society has numerous gadgets that require power sources. The location of power points for toothbrushes, hair rollers and so on is as important as a power source for heated towel rails;
  3. Maintenance – wall and floor surfaces need to be cleaned. An awkward, complicated or just plain wrong wall or floor tile can be frustrating when cleaning. Think about frequency and difficulty of cleaning when choosing tiles;
  4. Storage – spare shampoo, shower gel and toilet rolls all need to be stored. Ensure you have plenty of easily accessible storage built in to your new bathroom;
  5. The right design and colours – TV programs and the like inspire us. But choose your colours, look and finishes carefully. What looks great in the glossy magazines may be completely at odds with the rest of your home, or the area you live in.

Bathroom renovations usually take place every 10 years. Before starting discuss your plans with an independent property valuer – a real estate agent in your area is a good place to start. They will be able to inform you of the maximum value a dwelling in your area will sell for and what the market wants.

If you are considering renovating a bathroom, please call Trinity Madison on 02 9697 0544 or for assistance.