Sustainable Development and how it affects your project

A simple definition of Sustainable Development is a building that meets the needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.

BASIX is the Australian approach to sustainable development. It is a NSW government initiative compelling owners / developers to consider the environment when planning their building. Broadly it calls for the building to use less, have less impact and be more 'self-sufficient'.

The main components are: -

  • Energy clean / green or renewable energy source to give the occupant light, ventilation, heating etc;
  • Water use and reuse in buildings and or surrounding land; and
  • Thermal Comfort achieving comfort living environments through use of building forms, orientation, site constraints etc.

As you can see, the clever use of energy is a large part of BASIX. The initial costs may seem high, but they can be reduced with clever planning. You will find a payoff down the track too through reduced power and heating bills, better resale values and cheaper water usage. The BASIX commitment to consider present and future energy use forms part of the development application process and is monitored through the stages of construction.

Because BASIX additions to a project are such fundamental infrastructure (grey water systems, solar energy, insulation etc) it is vital that BASIX planning is undertaken before starting the project. Make sure a BASIX expert is on board before commencement as installation half way through the build is time consuming, expensive and occasionally sub-optimal in terms of the final outcome

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